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Lake Gaston Boat Lifts - Boat Lift Installation

Boat Lift Sales & Service on Lake Gaston

Boat Lift Sales & Services on Lake Gaston

Lake Gaston Boat Lifts provides boat lift sales & service to all four quadrants of Lake Gaston - NE, NW, SE, & SW. With more than 20 years of work experience on Lake Gaston you can trust us to meet all your boat lift and personal watercraft (PWC) needs. We offer sales and installation, service and repair, as well as seasonal maintenance on all boat and PWC lifts.

The last thing you need to worry about while enjoying beautiful Lake Gaston is a malfunctioning boat lift to keep your boat safe while not in use. We provide on-going maintenance to boat lifts to keep them lubricated, check for cable wear and tear, and motor adjustments. So, we strive to make your time on the lake, whether it be for vacation, weekend retreats or full time living at Lake Gaston as stress free as possible.

It is a good idea to have your boat lift mechanisms inspected at least every two years to make sure they are in good working order. After all you wouldn't want any surprises when you have a visitors at the Lake, expecting you to take them for a boat or jet ski ride, and have your lifts not working properly.

Boat Dock Accessories

  • Our services are not just limited to installing and maintaining boat lifts. We also sell and install other boat dock accessories such as ladders and steps. For more information see our boat lift product page has more details.

Boat Dock / Boathouse - Remodeling & Additions

  • In addition to our boat lift services, we also provide boat dock additions on Lake Gaston, and remodeling services. Contact us for on site assessment and pricing.

How to Contact Us...

Contact Lake Gaston Boat Lifts, today for more information about the boat lift services we provide. We are located in Littleton, NC in the beautiful community of Lake Gaston.

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Service Advantages...

  • On Site Quotes / Same Day Pricing
  • Group / Community Rates on Service & Maintenance
  • Discounts for Multiple Lifts
  • 24 x 7 Repair Service
  • Available on Holidays & Weekends
  • Cable Replacement Same Day Repair
  • FREE quote on all jobs - no obligation

Lift Maintenance...

  • Inspect Cables for fray or other damage
  • Proper Greasing
  • Belt inspection
  • Motor inspection / Clean up